Moving towards Governance

Experience and knowledge is a huge asset to any business and this is what Steve Murray has been providing to the 2000 businesses clients he has advised in the past twenty years.

He has effectively advised businesses across all sectors of industry to achieve success in many areas, but it is now the governance side of his practice that he will be concentrating on.

“Steve’s advice has made us millions” - David Hallett, director Company X.

His governance work over the last 10 years has been varied, working with private companies and not-for-profits. Steve believes that it is his personal experience and the skills for success he developed as an accomplished business owner that make all the difference around the board table. Using this foundation of experience, he guides companies of diverse size towards positive results. David Hallett from Company X had this to say of Steve’s positive influence in his business

Steve can mix it with the large corporates but has a particular proclivity for board rooms that happen to be a portacom or a kitchen table, directors that wear Hi-Viz all day and answer to the titles of Mum, Dad, Son and Daughter.

Steve specialises in pragmatic solutions for family owned New Zealand business. He understands the challenges around family relationships in business, including the tricky territory of ‘wearing many hats’. His principal driver is his belief that good governance makes the biggest difference between success and failure.

When moving towards putting a governance structure into your business Steve suggests you thinks about these three important starting points

  1. Be open to external advice. Look for people who aren’t part of your business every day. People who sit outside of your business bring a fresh perspective to the board table (even if it is your dining table).

  2. Make time to work with external advisors, it can be as simple as sitting down and talking with your accountant once a quarter to create the habit of thinking critically and strategically about your business.

  3. Get focused. Create a really clear outline of what your business is going to look like in 3-5 years. Then select your advisor(s) to help you achieve your goal.

With his new consultancy The Art of Life Steve chairs or sits on boards for 5 client companies ranging from Specialist Marketing to Scaffolding & Rigging.

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