Change, get comfortable with it.

We are currently going through what’s commonly known as the fourth industrial revolution. This one will be heavy-going for us all for the simple reason that the rate of change is happening at a pace never seen before in human history and our ability to keep up at this rate has not been tested at this scale.

Change is happening not on a linear scale (which we can understand) but exponentially which is faster than we have kept up with historically. It’s like trying to keep pace with a rocket when you a riding a bicycle.

These changes will have a profound effect not only the way we do business but on the very fabric of society and how we live our lives and interact with each other.

Understanding how these changes will impact your business and planning for them is just the start of the journey into the future. As business has its roots in people, keeping up with the change they are experiencing, answering their needs as customers and employees is the key to being successful in this volatile period of change. It is the understanding of people that is the key component to continued success in an uncertain future. Then applying your people focus and understanding to the new found knowledge, technology. Negotiating this refocus is a major change in how business has been conducted till now.

We believe people are still the heart of every successful business. Tech companies Apple and Google talk about the amazing culture they have built within their organisations and how pivotal that has been to their success. The fact that social media has changed the way retailers have conducted business for centuries is proof that people using technology are a formidable force. Technology is a factor but not the cause, it is the people that are choosing the online retailing option that has driven that change. Knowing the hearts and minds of people is the key to anticipating where change will affect us most next.

We have experienced great results future proofing businesses by switching to a people focused model This model delivers better profits and a better working environment. With many New Zealand businesses being owner operated getting the people 'things' right is not only good for your employees well-being is it also good for you. Having a people focused business increases your ability to adapt quickly. In our future focused evolving world this is how your and your business can build resilience and survive.

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