The Why?

We believe every business owner knows WHAT they do in their business. A good proportion of them even know HOW they do it, very few know WHY they do it. That's the challenge... what is the purpose of your business, what is the WHY?

Answer that question, know it inside out, what it means to you and be able to communicate it then people will follow you and customers will buy from you. I have personally worked with the owners of over 2000 business in the past 10 years, and I have helped them to work smarter not harder. A big part of being able to that it being able to answer the 'Why'.

2000 businesses is a lot and I think that I am one of the most fortunate people on the planet to be able to do this work.

This huge total came about as a result of being an epileptic. My condition put me in the right place at the right time resulting in taking the opportunity to run the NZTE Enterprise Training Programme for a large chunk of the Waikato.

This work ended up being the equivalent of doing a 9 year MBA on steroids, I built up a huge range of resources across a wide and diverse platform over this time as well as great network of contacts in specialist areas.

Over this time I observed that New Zealand business owners work long hours for often little personal reward - what I learnt that was I could help these business owners have a better business and a better life by answering the WHY. My skills enabled them to understand where they add the most value to their business. From there I could guide them to develop the tools and skills to make sure they spend most of their time adding that value and then getting others to round out their team. The main reason we end up working long hours for little reward because all the time is spent on the What do we do and How do we do it. Shifting the focus to understand the WHY, then being able to articulate and communicate the WHY you are able to build a stronger more resilient business. You may still have the long hours but the rewards definitely improve. Simon Sinek has a great Ted talk on the WHY, you can watch it here

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